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This is a Thumbnail Gallery of Pictures from the Old Cannon Beach & Ecola Inn to

the New and Busy Cannon Beach and Ecola Inn. Just click on a picture below to enlarge it.



This is one of the earliest photos of the Cannon Beach area. It is estimated to have been taken in the mid to late 1800’s, and was brought to us by longtime guests the Horeis family from Nebraska. They found it in a shop in Iowa.

These two photos are the original Ecola Inn, taken shortly after it was built in 1915. It utilized about half of the site of the now Surfsand Resort. Note the wooden pland seawall and the tree trunk they used for a flagpole.

Center photo courtesy of the Oregon Historical Society, right photo courtesy of the Lenore Becker collection.

These photos were taken shortly after the Stevens family came to Cannon Beach in the late 30’s. We purchased what was then the ‘Ecola Tavern’ on the south end of the Ecola Inn and converted it to the Ecola Restaurant. Also included is a photo of ‘the storm’ of 1939, which prompted the building of the existing seawall.

The Ecola Restaurant was expanded and remodeled beginning in 1951, and this was how it looked during the 50’s and 60’s.

We closed the Ecola Restaurant in the Fall of 1976, and began the conversion to the motel business we have today. We were officially open for business the summer of 1981 with thirteen ocean front units.



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